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Many people are unsure whether they want or need to hire an attorney. On this page you will find testimonials from our past clients who at one point in time were asking themselves the same thing. Reading through their commentary will help you make a decision as to why you should call Anderson Injury Law Firm to set up a free initial consultation today.

All clients are asked to submit an evaluation form to rate our services upon completion of their case. Over the last ten years, we have received over 3,000 completed written survey responses. We take pride in the overall satisfaction of our clients.


Representation Questions

  • 99% of clients said they were satisfied with the services provided by Anderson Injury Law Firm


  • 97% of clients felt they were better off for having hired Anderson Injury Law Firm


  • 99% of clients said they would use Anderson Injury Law Firm again if they have a similar claim in the future.

Client Evaluations

These client evaluation forms are available for review. Below are listed actual comments from the written client surveys:

“Above and beyond the call of duty. I’ve been treated with great integrity. Absolutely confident that Robert Anderson would be my attorney with any claims concerning liability.”

“The smartest thing I ever did was coming to Robert Anderson’s office. Robert and his staff are the Best. They really cared about me and my case. I felt I was in the best hands possible. They are all wonderful people.”

“Bob got me 15x what I was offered. The staff was great!”

“Case was handled very professionally. Every step in the process was explained to me. I was never under any pressure at any stage.”

“After being treated poorly by the Farmers Insurance adjusters, it was great knowing I had someone on my side to assist and explain the process. It made dealing with the accident much better and less headache!”

“Mr. Anderson provided superb service throughout this process.”

“I am very pleased with your service! Thank you very much.”

“Mr. Anderson was extremely helpful with my claim. He made a situation I was very nervous about go very smoothly. Thank you.”

“Robert Anderson is an excellent attorney who kept me informed on all the details. His office made my ordeal much easier.”

“Bob Anderson does great work. I’ll enjoy the idea of him being my attorney again, but I hope it has nothing to do with a car accident.”

“Bob is wonderful as an attorney and great as a man. Thanks Bob!”

“I feel Mr. Anderson and his staff possess a very professional and caring attitude. He was very adequate and persistent when dealing with the insurance companies. If I’m ever involved in a similar situation, I wouldn’t have to think twice about who I would choose to represent me. I’d also recommend him to others involved in this type of scenario.”


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The entire accumulation of case completion questionnaires is kept at the office in the lobby. Please feel free to stop by and read them.

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