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When you run to the grocery store, visit a friend, park your car, stay at a hotel, or even walk down the street in Colorado, you expect the owner of the property has created and maintained a safe environment for visitors. In fact, it is the legal responsibility and duty of property owners to take reasonable steps to keep those on their property free from harm and serious injury.

While some accidents are simply moments of personal clumsiness or carelessness, other accidents should have been prevented and are the result of property owner action. If you think your serious injury could have been prevented if not for the condition of the property you were on, you should immediately discuss your case with an experienced premises liability or slip and fall attorney. It is also very important to take photographs showing the premises and the conditions that existed at the time of the incident.

Unlike other types of personal injury cases, very rarely do any two premises liability cases look the same. The only aspect that all of the cases have in common is that the victim was injured on someone else’s property, and that injury was the direct result of the land owner ignoring an unreasonable risk of harm. Although many of these cases involve slips or falls, some do not. For example:
  • While visiting a friend, a Woodland Park man’s son is mauled by the property owner’s aggressive dog. The boy must undergo reconstructive surgery.
  • An elderly Castle Rock man slips on an apartment staircase when a tread buckles, shattering his hip. The apartment management had been aware that the stair’s treads were inadequate and unstable, but did nothing to prevent this risk of harm.
  • A Fremont County woman falls on the icy walkway outside of a restaurant. The restaurant owner and staff had not sanded, salted, or shoveled the entrance to the establishment, but still wanted customers to cross the walkway into the restaurant.
  • A Colorado Springs warehouse store employee is carelessly stocking the upper shelves when a box of products is knocked onto a customer below. The customer suffers a traumatic head injury that includes permanent short-term memory loss.
  • A small girl drowns in a Canon City hotel swimming pool that was unsupervised by a lifeguard or other hotel staff.


Because premises liability cases come in so many forms, the best way to learn more about your case is to speak with an attorney who handles slip and fall cases. Do not continue to wonder if someone else was liable for your serious injuries and is responsible for covering your damages.

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